Camillus Republican Committee

Camillus New York

Founded in 1799

Our Committee Roster

The Camillus Republican Committee, through strong leadership, strength in numbers, and community involvement, strives to improve the overall quality of life for all Camillus residents. We are committed to identifying and supporting the most appealing candidates for office - Camillus residents who understand our most pressing issues head on.

If you would like additional information about our candidates, our elected officials, or our volunteers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Our Executive Committee

Michael Luber Chairman

Michael Luber

Joseph Lamendola Vice-Chairman

Joseph Lamendola

Roger Pisarek Treasurer

Roger Pisarek

Joy Flood Secretary

Joy Flood


Roger Pisarek 1st Ward Leader

Roger Pisarek

1st Ward Leader
John Heater 2nd Ward Leader

John Heater

2nd Ward Leader
Joy Flood 3rd Ward Leader

Joy Flood

3rd Ward Leader
Steven James 4th Ward Leader

Steven James

4th Ward Leader
Chris Cesta 5th Ward Leader

Chris Cesta

5th Ward Leader
Joe Flynn 6th Ward Leader

Joe Flynn

6th Ward Leader

Our Committee Members

1st Ward

Jim Walters1st District
Roger Pisarek1st District
Eric Hammerle7th District
John Trombetta7th District
Karen Kiggins 13th District
Michael Walsh 13th District

2nd Ward

Rich DeLaRosa2nd District
Vacancy 2nd District
Vacancy6th District
Greg Kenna 6th District
Sally Heater16th District
Mike LaFlair16th District

3rd Ward

Cheryl Hevier 4th District
Chris Lansley 4th District
Bill Davern 11th District
Kate Luber 11th District
Joy Flood 20th District
Vacancy 20th District
camillus new york police

4th Ward

Carol Dooher5th District
George Dooher5th District
Kathy Guthrie 12th District
Matt Vincentini12th District
Leslie Gasparini14th District
Gary Gasparini14th District
Karen Fruscello17th District
Phil Grome17th District
Steve James21st District
Jennifer James21st District

5th Ward

Vacancy9th District
Dale Keida9th District
Dave Cooke15th District
Marty Voss15th District
Gene Conway19th District
Joe Lamendola 19th District
Mike Lannon 22th District
Steve Grome 22nd District
Chris Cesta 23rd District
George Surace 23rd District

6th Ward

Dan Stanistreet 3rd District
Bill Lansley 3rd District
Don Fittipaldi 8th District
Mike Luber 8th District
Dave Callahan 10th District
Don Klaben 10th District
Joe Flynn 18th District
Matt Zachariah 18th District
Bob Burns 24th District
Mary Luber 24th District